Smoking ..toking ..Barbie.. says goodbye.

I quit smoking a little over 7 months ago.
I lost my job, was a mother of 3 and really wanted to quit.  I started Chantix and pretty quickly found that I wasn’t enjoying the taste of smokes any more. It really started to make cigs and other things 😉 taste awful. When I was ready to really quit I came up with an isolation plan. My husband took the kids, car and cash and went out of town for three days.
I had enough cash to order takeout found a restaurant that delivers and can offer food for all three meals in a day. I bought

an Xbox and a game. I spent the next 48 hours playing Farcry3 almost non stop. When the hubby returned with the kids. I was still playing. I had successfully quit my smoking habit and replaced it with video games. I played night and day, day to night, night into the next morning.
My teenage son begrudgingly told me I needed to stop. I quit playing Farcry3 and bought minecraft. My daughter and I now play. Since then I have purchased a gaming laptop. ( yes laptop, I gotta be able to bring my games with me.) I am moving onto steam games now like Garrys mod and my new favorite and Free game team fortress 2. I guess video games aren’t all bad afterall.



I took my birthday out of Facebook and no one remembered my birthday.

I am thinking of quitting facebook and or friends and family. Suggestions?

Gift of Grace

A minister once told me I have been given the gift of grace. What does that mean? 

It’s a question that I keep asking myself over the years.

I am seeking other viewpoints. 

If you are inclined to share one, please add a comment below.

Waiting for spring

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Waiting for spring 4749_Staats With moderating temperatures, we headed out for some snowshoeing last night.  North of the Cities is a small Isanti County Park called Wayside Prairie County Park.  We pulled into the parking lot an hour or so before sunset with the hopes of exploring this small park.  We traipsed across the frozen lake, following snowmobile tracks, to the southern shoreline.  This lovely little cabin was perched on the hillside, overlooking the frozen lake to the west.  With its tiki torches still attached to the dock supports and the yellow lawn chair overturned at the end of the dock, it looked like the party had ended right before the start of winter.  As we gazed at the sunset reflection in the window of the cabin, it was fun to dream of what this little lake is like in the middle of a warm summer, after the spring melt.  We toasted the summer to come, then…

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The Boundary Waters: Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

Take A Hike Photography


One of the best things about canoe camping as opposed to backpacking is the ability to get away from it all in relative style. When backpacking, you hike with everything strapped to your back, so every single ounce counts—you don’t want to carry anything more than you absolutely have to. But when you can float your gear in a canoe for the majority of the time, you would be amazed at all the cool things you can take to make your backcountry camp feel just like you are living in the lap of luxury.

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Minnehaha Falls. Minneapolis, MN

adore Minnesota

The Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Inside one of Minnesota’s most beautiful outdoor winter attractions, the Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis.

Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The inside of the Falls is one of the coolest places I have seen in Minnesota, especially in the winter. Icy floors and walls enclose an organically formed blue-lit room; although it’s a little scary making your way down the side of the rocks and going inside, venturing within is like being in your own personal little ice castle.

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