Answered prayer

I have prayed for one particular thing to happen for more than a year. Today after having given up on it, forgotten about, no longer prayed for… it came true.

My son was accepted to the college of his choice. I couldn’t be happier. I literally sobbed like a big baby for just short of an hour. Thank you! I hope it is everything he wants it to be and more. Tomorrow is my birthday and I do not want and or need anything else, but to see him happy. He is!
So am I.


They came out of Pandoras Box

That’s what my Dad told me about woodticks.

I wish that box would have stayed shut. I pulled a small tick off my face Saturday night after taking my dog through the priory.

Beautiful natural area 2 minutes from my house that I would never had known about if it wasn’t for Geocaching. People make fun of me, but I am thankful for it. I have been introduced to many unique places in the short time I have been doing it.

Thank you to my fellow geocacers. You have opened my eyes to many new and beautiful places. Pandora can keep the ticks.