Smoking ..toking ..Barbie.. says goodbye.

I quit smoking a little over 7 months ago.
I lost my job, was a mother of 3 and really wanted to quit.  I started Chantix and pretty quickly found that I wasn’t enjoying the taste of smokes any more. It really started to make cigs and other things 😉 taste awful. When I was ready to really quit I came up with an isolation plan. My husband took the kids, car and cash and went out of town for three days.
I had enough cash to order takeout found a restaurant that delivers and can offer food for all three meals in a day. I bought

an Xbox and a game. I spent the next 48 hours playing Farcry3 almost non stop. When the hubby returned with the kids. I was still playing. I had successfully quit my smoking habit and replaced it with video games. I played night and day, day to night, night into the next morning.
My teenage son begrudgingly told me I needed to stop. I quit playing Farcry3 and bought minecraft. My daughter and I now play. Since then I have purchased a gaming laptop. ( yes laptop, I gotta be able to bring my games with me.) I am moving onto steam games now like Garrys mod and my new favorite and Free game team fortress 2. I guess video games aren’t all bad afterall.