What’s a Pancreas?

When my mom was 59 she decided to sell our home and buy something simpler. She didn’t waste anytime. She sold her home, bought and bought a new one. She painted and bought new furniture for everyroom. The last room to be painted was the bathroom.
She called me as soon as she finished. She was proud of how it

turned out. She also mentioned that she felt like she pulled a muscle or something in her stomach. 
     A week went by and she told me it was different than a pulled muscle it was more of a sensation. She went to the doctor. He sent her home with antibiotics for a “stomach infection”.
After a week, she still wasn’t feeling any better, she had also fallen asleep at work. Which she chuckled about.
She had an ultrasound, then a cat scan.
I remember sitting in the waiting room with my aunt. My aunt said “it’s gonna be cancer..that is what they are going to say.” I was stunned. Stunned that the thought never came I to my mind. I was also scared. My mother had cancer when I was a teenager. I was told then she might not make it. That was almost 15 years ago.
    I remember waiting for a Radiologist to read her scan. It seemed like forever. He finally came out to tell us there showed a small cyst like mass on the Pancreas.  The what? I felt clueless as if I had never heard the word before.
I didn’t know what it was for?  I didn’t ask any of these questions out loud I just thought them.
After I got home I Googled cyst on Pancreas. I was in for a very rude awakening when I saw Pancreatic Cancer. 6% of people with Pancreatic Cancer live 5 years.

6% alive after 5 years. 6% …5 years.

I hope that isn’t what she has…


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