14 Valley Girl Insults From The 1980’s We Should Like, Totally Bring Back

Thought Catalog

Valley Girl

1. “Grody”

Is there a word that is more fun to say than grody? I feel it’s onomotopea. You just know that it’s describing a dirty, disgusting thing.

2. “Bag your face”

This is the 80’s version of “shut up” but it’s much more fun. Who wants someone you’re annoyed with to simply stop talking when you can imaging them forcibly suffocating on a bag?

3. “Barf me out”

Another phrase that illicit colorful imagery in our minds. This means that something is disgusting or stupid or uncool. If in the early 2000’s Paris Hilton would have said “that’s not hot” you can bet that a valley girl would have said “barf me out.”

4. “Take a chill pill”

I like this one because we now live in a world where most people have Ativan prescriptions so taking a chill pill is a literal option.

Valley GirlValley Girl


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